Grooming Services at Four Paws Inn

Grooming is an extremely important but often misunderstood art and science.  It involves improvements to your dog?s health, appearance, and social acceptance.Grooming

Grooming is often confused with ?clipping? and while clipping is one procedure of grooming there is also combing, brushing, cutting nails, plucking hair from ears and parasite control issues that are addressed.

All dogs need occasional bathing.  But all dogs routinely need to be brushed and combed and especially so for those with longer hair.  Matted hair can easily cause skin problems and unnecessary discomfort for your pet.

My dog is too young.  Even though a three month old puppy is not usually in need of extensive grooming, you should begin early in their life with good habits.  This way your pet will learn to accept interventions such as brushing, combing and nail trims as a happy experience.

The staff at Four Paws is experienced in their profession.  All are happy to discuss grooming care of your pet and help you establish good grooming habits that fit your lifestyles.