Boarding your pet at Four Paws Inn...


Dog Boarding

Kennel Overnight Boarding
$29 per night military rate 1st dog
Each additional dog- $27.00/night
All dogs are taken outside 4 times each day with an attendant, weather permitting. There is no additional charge for any medication administration. Premium grade dog foods will be fed. We will feed special foods that you bring if you wish at no additional charge. 


Day Boarding
Pets must be picked up the same day you drop off or overnight fees will apply. All day boarders enjoy outside exercise up to 4 times during an all day stay.



While Four Paws Inn is one of very few boarding facilities that does not discriminate against any breeds,  size,  or enforce any spay/neuter requirements, there will be additional charges relating to certain conditions:

Intact females that comes into heat while boarding require $12/night fee in addition to regular overnight boarding charges. Intact males require $10/night fee in addition to regular overnight boarding charges

We require Rabies, Distemper/Parvo (DHLPP/DAPPV), Canine Influenza and Bordetella for all boarding dogs.   We will begin requiring the canine influenza for all boarding dogs effective September 1, 2017.


Day-Care Package Prices

3 Days           $54.00

5 Days             90.00

10 Days         170.00

           20  Days        320.00          

Cat Boarding

Overnight Boarding (Currently we  do not day board cats)
$16.50 per night military rate

Need extra space for that large cat? Contact staff for additional options. All cats are taken out of their condos at least once daily for exercise. They will be allowed to play inside the cattery in a climbing area. There are no additional charges for any medication administration. Premium grade cat foods will be fed. We will feed special foods of yours at no additional charge. 

We require Rabies and FVRCP for all boarding felines. 

Additional night boarding charges apply for any pick up after 12 noon Sunday-Friday

and any courtesy afternoon holiday pick-up.  

In addition to regular boarding fees, extra fees will be assessed for

late pick-ups, drop offs and no-show/no call cancellations

 Prices are subject to change without notice.  Prices effective 1/1/2016

Contact staff regarding rates for stays greater than 30 days and military specials.

Have an emergency boarding need? Call 210-566-PAWS

You will receive a response within 12-24 hours of your call.

Inn Extras

KongĀ® Comfort Time $6.00 / per treat
A perfect way to relieve canine separation anxiety, loneliness, boredom or provide "jawrobics" - kongs are stuffed with favorite canine treats and cookies for prolonged enjoyment.

Freezer Teasers $5.00 / per treat
A selection of frozen treats that are perfect afternoon delights for those hot summer days---or anytime your canine needs that refreshing cooler taste.

Pampered Pet Sessions $8.00 / per 15 minute session

$6.00/ per 15 minute session for 2nd dog in same family to play together.
A perfect way to pamper your pet or pet family away from home . . . special one on one or one on family time with an animal care provider dedicated to additional play type of choice-canine/s families often enjoy special games of Frisbee, soccer, or ball toss while felines/feline families may enjoy laser light chase, teasers, or paper bag crunches. For the less sporty canine or feline this time may be spent in quiet easy leash walks, special cuddling, reading, or other lap time activities.