More About Four Paws Inn

Four Paws Facility
The 10,000 plus square foot facility is comprised of three interconnected buildings located on three acres. Two 4000 square foot facilities are dedicated to the care of canine guests. Feline guests are housed away from the canine facilities in their own 400 square foot cattery. Separate bathing areas, spacious check-in/check-out, and expansion has been incorporated in the main building layout.

Climate Controlled
To minimize stress and improve sanitation, each dog, cat and general purpose areas use separate ventilation systems. Four Paws is fully air conditioned and meets or exceeds the recommended fresh air exchanges recognized by the pet care industry.

Security System / Security
Four Paws is fully monitored for burglary, smoke and fire 24 hours per day / 7 days per week. Monitoring services are provided by ADT. Special access is afforded to local fire and police departments in the event of emergencies. Effective August 2016, we now have 24 hour video surveillance cameras for added security.  

Canine Sleepers
Canine sleepers are 4 ft wide by 12 ft long. Each sleeper's construction promotes complete and easy daily sanitation and privacy needs. A selection of bedding is made available to each guest to include mats, cots, rugs, and sheepskins. Smaller and more reserved accommodations are available for the medically challenged or geriatric canine needs if required. All canine overnight quarters are inside.

Felines will enjoy the serenity of separate quarters away from their canine companions within our spacious kitty condos. Felines of the same family may share connecting quarters. The room is vented to the outside to help maintain fresh air exchanges. The cattery possesses climbing ramps, assorted toys, outside window watching, and many other opportunities of entertainment.

The "YARD"
Guests can have a quick outside potty break or romp in the "YARD". It's in the "YARD" where guests really get to switch their gears in one or all of the daily activities. The "YARD" is comprised of five established separately fenced exercise / training areas where guests can play or work on their manners. Six foot fencing with three-strand tilt-in and secured bottom provides a final security feature surrounding Four Paws entire "YARD" perimeter. All activities are attended by personnel on site whenever canines are in the "YARD". Focused activities will continue to be added for our guests' enjoyment. Watch our website for added attractions.



Come By For a Tour
Tours are available daily Monday thru Saturday during normal business hours.